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Open Enrollment News

One-stop information hub for brokers selling Individual & Family Plans. News, updates and resolutions posted as they happen to support your sales. 

Introducing Heal — a time-saving, health-boosting benefit coming May 1 to all your Individual & Family Plan members who have a PPO insurance plan from Health Net Life Insurance Company (Health Net).

Already available to EnhancedCare PPO members, the expansion of Heal to PPO brings on-demand doctor house calls to more members. Heal offers:

  • Primary, preventive and urgent care appointments at home, office or hotel.
  • Appointments are available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., seven days a week.
  • A doctor and a medical assistant at every visit.
  • The option of having anyone covered by their PPO health plan seen by the doctor – all in one Heal visit.
  • The same out-of-pocket costs as a doctor visit. If more than one covered person is seen at the same visit, each one pays the same charge as a doctor office visit.
  • A more convenient option to urgent care centers or emergency rooms for non-emergency situations.

Heal is available by appointment in select urban areas. Members can check the eligibility of any address at They’ll also receive a new member ID card that includes the Heal information.

On-demand primary, preventive and urgent care. One more way Health Net is delivering extra value to your clients.

  • January commissions - Latest payment was released on 4/6. Any submitted inquiries are being assessed and payments will be released as corrections are completed.
  • February commissions – Reconciliations were completed, and payment on any remaining balance will be released along with the regular monthly payment schedule.
  • March commissions – We are getting ahead, as compared to recent months, to release reconciled commissions by the regularly scheduled date of Wednesday 4/18. 
  • Book of Business tool – As ongoing improvements are in progress, recent enhancements were made to pull in policies that are linked by identifiers other than Broker ID, namely National Producer Number (NPN) and Tax ID Number (TIN). This will provide a much closer view of your full book of business.
  • Client Proposals – You can now view the proposals online. Here’s how: 
    1. Log into your broker account
    2. Click on "Eligibility, Status & Activity" tab at the top of the page
    3. Click the “Application Status” tab
    4. Click “Proposals
    5. Select the search options you want and click the green "Search" button

You can check the status of your clients’ applications online. Here’s how:

  1. Log into your broker account  
  2. Click on “Eligibility, Status & Activity” tab at the top of the page
  3. Click the “Application Status” tab
  4. Select the search options you want and click the green “Search” button

Good to know:

  • Only complete and uploaded paper applications will display. Please allow up to 5 days for paper application processing and upload to the system.

  • View Application feature: your off-exchange applications are viewable in PDF form. Click the PDF icon you’ll see in the right-most column of the search results.

    Note: You’ll see the PDF icon for all applications. Only off-exchange applications are viewable since on-exchange enrollment data comes directly from Covered California in another form

Download our step-by-step tutorial (PDF), complete with screen shot examples, for viewing application status. 

Connecting people with the care they need is Health Net’s priority. We’ve set up a fast track for our mutual clients who have effective date or eligibility questions that may be impacting their ability to get covered services.

  1. Call the Customer Contact Center:
  2. 1-888-926-4988 for on-exchange

    1-800-839-2172 for off-exchange

  3. Press 1 right after the welcome. This will short-cut the full recording.
  4. Press 1 for HMO, 2 for PPO or 3 for other plan type. The caller will be transferred to the call center. Right after the call volume message, callers press 1 if they have an urgent need to see a doctor or fill a prescription.

Health Net commits to resolving effective date issues that impact care access within 48 business hours. Otherwise, we will cover the care our mutual clients receive, according to their benefits and covered services.

Note: We do have a triage process in place to handle urgent care needs first, and within a few hours. As always, anyone who needs emergency care should call 9-1-1 or go straight to the emergency room.

Supporting your business and your clients is very important to us. Times of change can be confusing for members—and therefore challenging for you.

That’s why we’d like to remind members about three self-service tools they can use to get Health Net coverage support—without your direct assistance.

Download this member flyer (PDF) to give your clients all the details.

My Health Net CA is our new mobile app for 2018 that puts Health Net member account info at members’ fingertips. When they go mobile, members can:

  • Access their ID card, and show it when they get care.
  • Look up their doctor’s contact information.
  • Pay their premium.

Bonus! Members use a single login (user name and password) for both their member account at and the mobile app.

Your Individual & Family Plan clients who use Health Net Mobile now must switch to My Health Net CA to view 2018 info.

The My Health Net CA app is available at the App Store or Google Play.

Apple App Store Google Play

Good news! The open enrollment tool you’ve been waiting for is now available via, so that you can create and send proposals right to your individual & family plan clients.

Where to find the client proposal tool

  • Log in to your broker account
  • Choose Sales & Quoting Resources from the top menu
  • Go to the first tool: Individual & Family Plan Quotes: Health Net in California.
  • Click the link to create your proposal

How to create your proposals
Once you click the link to create a proposal, you’ll be connected to the IFP census page on From there, you:

  • Provide basic demographic information.
  • See all eligible plans in the designated ZIP code; compare plans if you like.
  • Select one or more plans to include in the proposal by clicking the box next to the plan. Then, click the green “Include Selected Plans in Proposal” button.
  • Return back to the broker portal (this happens automatically) where you complete the proposal and click the green “Send Proposal” button.

What the client experiences
Your client receives and email with link to view the proposal you’ve created. The link connects them to the shopping section of our website where they: 

  • Select the one plan they want from the options you’ve suggested. 
  • Complete the IFP online enrollment process. The application is submitted automatically once the client completes and signs it. 

Your broker information automatically populates on the client’s online enrollment form.

Why did that happen?
The online proposal tool is a first release, which has all the features we could bring you quickly. A few tips when navigating the tool:

  • Proposal Created page: do not click the “back” link as you’ll get an error. Also, the preview link, while visible, is not yet functional.
  • Application Overview page: do not click the “back” link to avoid having to re-enter the information. The system won’t retain the information. 

Features we are building for future releases include:

  • Broker attestation after client completes application and before it goes to Health Net.
  • Proposal PDF: both preview for you and included directly in email to clients
  • Ability to search for proposals created in the Application Status tool
  • Option to save a proposal and complete it later
  • Proposal creation by support users via the support tools 

Again, we thank you for your patience as we continue to improve system performance and sales tools.

Health Net 2018 video collection is ready! These shorts videos deliver clear, concise information that meets your individual and family clients where they are ... and gives you another resource to help take your business where you want it to go.

The topics to discover are:

  • Renewing health coverage
  • Paying less for health coverage
  • The right fit
  • What it costs to have health insurance
  • The health plan for you
  • Who’s who in health coverage and care
  • Staying covered when life changes
  • In-network vs. Out-of-network

View the full collection here. These videos are also posted on the consumer/member pages under related topics.

A co-branded link is a static URL that you share with clients and they use it to navigate to the online enrollment tool, here on our website. When they apply using that URL, your broker information is automatically input into the enrollment tool. To get yours: 

  1. Log in to your broker portal via
  2. Click on “Sales and Quoting Resources” at the top of your screen. You’ll find your personalized cobranded link under the heading, “Your Personalized Quoting Link.” 
  3. Copy your co-branded Health Net URL into a web browser or send it directly to your clients.

Your clients can then get a direct quote and enroll. You’ll get credit for the sale.

There are two paths for individual and family plan 2018 enrollment. The path to choose depends on whether your client is enrolling via Covered California or off-exchange.

Via Covered California

  • Click the “Shop and Compare” tab on right-hand side
  • Choose a plan and enroll, following the online steps


Or, they can complete the enrollment form and mail, fax or email it to us:

Mail to:
Health Net IFP
PO Box 1150, Rancho Cordova, CA 95741-1150

Fax to: 1-800-977-4161

Email to:

Broker Portal Registration

Now’s the time to set up your account on our new broker portal.

  1. Go to for an overview about what to expect; click the “continue to login/register” option. 
  2. Enter your National Producer Number, Tax ID and email address on the register page.
  3. Watch your email for a confirmation; click the link and complete your personal account.
  4. Explore the new portal, using the icons to navigate.

Tip! The functions available will vary by line of business. 

Health Net Broker Portal Navigation

See pages 4-5 of our Broker Guide to system changes (click Support Tools for the PDF) for the step-by-step process. You’ll also find information on system changes that affect your clients, such as new ID cards and ways to pay monthly premiums.  

You’ll find your 2018 book of business via For 2017 business, including any new sales resulting from a Special Enrollment Period, you’ll continue to use your broker account.

You’ll also use your broker account for any commercial group business you write.

Health Net is introducing a new online payment system for 2018. We still offer IFP members four ways to pay, with a few differences:

  • Pay online: we’re using the Softheon payment system instead of Fiserv, effective December 2, 2017. Members can make a one-time payment or set up automatic payments.

    Our new online system features automatic payments instead of recurring. The main difference is that auto pay pulls the full premium amount due, once a month. Also, members may choose their payment date between the 15th and last day of the month.

    Plus, they can now pay by credit card in addition to using a prepaid debit card, bank debit card, or bank account.
  • Pay by mail: same process as today with new mailing address
    Health Net CA Individual   
    P.O. Box 748705
    Los Angeles, CA 90074-8705
  • Pay by phone: same process and number as we have today. Members can call us at 1-800-539-4193 and use our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to make a payment 24/7 — now accepting credit cards as well as debit! 
  • Pay with cash: we’re replacing Walmart with MoneyGram® for members who prefer to pay by cash. MoneyGram locations can be found by visiting or calling 1-800-926-9400.


Members may choose paperless billing and get an email from us each month with link to their invoice. Here’s how:

  1. Members log in to their member account at
  2. Choose the green Premium Payments tab in the header.
  3. Click the Make Payment/Edit Preferences button in the Pay Premium section.
  4. On the next page, click Paperless Billing from the left-hand menu and follow the steps.

All clients new to Health Net for 2018 will use exclusively. They can go there today and set up their member account for 2018.

Any clients renewing with us will find 2017 (or earlier) plan information on They’ll use as their single online source for 2018 health coverage with us. 

All IFP members will receive new ID cards for 2018. With our new system, subscriber numbers will begin with a U instead of an R. For example: #U549838.

  • All new enrollees will see a U# on their ID card.
  • Renewing members will continue to see an R# on their new ID cards, to simplify their experience.

We will pair each R# on the back-end with the new U#. You will see both numbers in your book of business. 

Health Net Life Insurance Company (Health Net) has long offered PPO insurance plans in both Individual & Family (IFP) and small business group (SBG) designs. EnhancedCare PPO is our newest evolution, bringing our expertise in tailored networks to the PPO model.



EnhancedCare PPO

Traditional PPO plan designs that give members the choice to use our statewide PPO network, or go out-of-network for covered services.

There is no PCP requirement. Members self-refer to doctors, specialists and other healthcare services.

Members pay more for out-of-network services, and provides can balance bill.

IFP:  off-exchange only
SBG: on- and off-exchange

EnhancedCare PPO pairs the flexibility of a traditional PPO with a tailored network for cost savings, and expanded points of care with the addition of telehealth along with nurse line, retail clinics, urgent care and the choice to go out-of-network.

Members must choose a PCP, and may self-refer to specialists. Costs are higher when members use out-of-network services, and provides can balance bill.

IFP: effective 1/1/18, both on-and off-exchange.
SBG: effective 12/1/17, off-exchange; expanding to on-exchange January 2018.


At-a-Glance Comparison



EnhancedCare PPO

PCP requirement



Telehealth — virtual doctor visits by phone, mobile app or Web



Nurse advice line



Retail clinic as another point of care




Statewide PPO network

EnhancedCare PPO Network (a smaller, tailored network)

Out-of-network coverage



Health Benefit Navigator: HN team for 1:1 support and help



You can see the status of your clients’ applications via your secure broker portal via Log in and then:

  • Click on “Eligibility, Status & Activity” at the top right of the page
  • Click on “Application Status”