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Health Risk Questionnaire - $50 Incentive

Invest in your health. Earn $50 in rewards! Get rewarded to protect your health.

A health-boosting service from Health Net of California, Inc. and Health Net Life Insurance Company (Health Net)

Health Net invests in your health—so you can too. Our online Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ) Program gives you an important health picture and a $50 gift certificate. Here’s how to get yours:

  1. Take the HRQ online
    • Login to, click on Wellness Center in the right sidebar.
    • Under “Don't forget to take your HRQ!” click on Take the Quiz Now.
    • Select “Get started” to complete your Health Risk Questionnaire.
  2. Share results with your Health Net doctor
    • Take your HRQ results to your main doctor or primary care physician (PCP) to review as part of your annual preventive care physical exam and discuss what you can do to improve your score and your health.
  3. Tell us your HRQ and doctor visit are complete
    • Login to, click on Wellness Center in the right sidebar.
    • Under “Start Accessing Your Wellness Resources” click to go to your Health Portal.
    • On your Health Portal homepage, click Ways to Earn on the “Earn Now” program tile to access the Annual Preventive Care Physical Exam form.
    • Under “Annual Preventive Care Physical Exam”, click Get started.
    • Complete the simple online form to tell us you’ve reviewed your results with you PCP during your annual preventive care physical exam and you’re ready to get your reward.

Take all 3 steps to get a gift certificate for $50 which can be used at many popular online retailers. Expect yours about two weeks after you finish all three steps.

Invest in your health. You’re worth it!

P.S. The HRQ reward is available to Health Net Individual and Family Plan members enrolled in health coverage with us during the 2020 calendar year.

P.P.S. Prefer a paper HRQ? Give us a call at 1-800-839-2172, or if you enrolled through Covered California call 1-888-926-4988, and we’ll send you one.