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Frequently Asked Questions

We know your time is valuable. In our continued commitment to do our part to support you as you serve your clients, we’ve provided answers to many of the common questions we receive daily.

(Note: The page will be updated periodically so bookmark it for one-click access. Also, feel free to visit and bookmark the member FAQ page as a reference while you support your clients.)

For news and updates, we will highlight them for you on the Broker News page of this website. Members will receive news relevant to them on the Member News page.


Enroll (or renew) a client as Health Net member

Members enrolled directly through Health Net

Health Net will automatically renew members into their existing Health Net plan. Note: Members who no longer qualify for enrollment on a Minimum Coverage plan will be automatically enrolled onto a 2019 Bronze 60 plan.

Members enrolled through Covered CaliforniaTM

Members signed up through Covered California should confirm their renewal/enrollment for 2019.  We encourage you to stress the importance of confirming coverage with your clients. Covered California confirms the final determination on the member's policy. 

If members currently receive a premium tax credit, or are on a plan with cost-share reductions, they will lose that financial assistance unless they validate their enrollment directly with Covered California.

You can find plan information located on the Plan Materials page for your clients who need coverage. Materials include applications for the current year.

To check the status of an application, log in to your broker account; then select Eligibility, Status & Activity at the top of the page. Then select Application Status. Enter the application status type, date range and any optional fields you are looking for, and click Search.

Note: You will only be able to view status of applications that are linked to your broker ID. If you think that a client is not linked to your account, please contact Broker Services at for assistance.

Manage my Health Net Book of Business

To help you during the enrollment period, we mailed a list of your current Individual & Family Plan clients in September 2018.

For client information throughout the year, you can view your client list online. Log in to your broker account and then select Book of Business at the top of the page.

View your:

  • Active Member List
  • Canceled Member List
  • On-Exchange Pre-Members
  • Off-Exchange Pre-Members

Support client who is a Health Net member

Log in to your broker account to locate your client’s member ID. Your client’s status will determine where to go.

Active Member

Select Book of Business at the top of the page. Your Active members will be listed.


Select Book of Business at the top of the page. Then select either On-Exch Pre-Members or Off-Exch Pre-Members.

Member ID numbers start with either an R or a U, depending on when the member enrolled. All new members effective in 2018 and later have a member ID number that begins with a U.

Once members pay their first month’s premium, they will receive a member ID card in the mail. If they are active and have not received an ID card yet, members can order one or print a temporary one through the member portal.

Note: If the member is accessing their online account for the first time, they will need to register, and will need their member ID number to do so. Please see “Where do I find a member’s ID number?” to assist them with obtaining their number.