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Broker Contacts

Questions? We have answers

Call 1-800-909-3447 and press 1
Choose the option that fits your question:

For questions about commissions, rates, benefits, and using our website(s) Option 1
To find out if your IFP clients have paid their premium, or to check the status of a recently submitted application Option 2
To check the status of a recently submitted Agent Broker Agreement, to reset your online broker account or for questions about finding doctors  Option 3
Off-exchange client billing questions Option 4
On-exchange billing questions, active member benefits or claims questions Option 5

Or, email or fax us:

IFP Billing Department: Fax: (916) 935-4522

IFP Enrollment Applications: Fax: 1-800-977-4161

Broker Services: Fax: 1-800-361-5324

Fraud Hotline: 1-800-977-3565
You can make a dfference – report suspected fraud