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Common Coverage Answers

Not sure how to choose a health plan that works best for you? We’ve answered common coverage questions to help you find your fit. 

Choosing a Plan

Health Plan Networks (Health Net 101) (duration 3:15)

Knowing the differences helps you choose health coverage.

Know Your Healthcare Costs (Health Net 101) (duration 3:58)

Understanding what you pay and when.

Finding the Right Health Plan (Health Net 101)
(duration 3:50)

How to find the health coverage that fits your health and your budget.

HMO vs PPO (Health Net 101) (duration 3:32)

The difference between HMOs, PPOs and more.

 5 Tips on Choosing the Right Health Coverage (PDF)

Who's Who in Health Care? (Health Net 101) (duration 2:30)

Get to know the people working for the good of your health.

Things to Consider